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Dual effects of chlorophylline on breast cancer cell proliferation in vivo and in vitro

42nd Congress of the Federation-of-European-Biochemical-Societies (FEBS) on From Molecules to Cells and Back, Jerusalem, Israel, 10 - 14 September 2017, vol.284, pp.259 Sustainable Development identifier

Effect of chlorophylline as an antioxidant molecule on glutathione and related enzymes in breast cancer model

41st FEBS Congress on Molecular and Systems Biology for a Better Life, Kusadasi, Turkey, 3 - 08 September 2016, vol.283, pp.408 Sustainable Development identifier

İndol Halkası İçeren 1 2 4 Triazol Türevi Bileşiklerinin Glutatyon S Tranferaz P1 1 Enzimiyle Etkileşiminin Kompütasyonel Olarak İncelenmesi

4. İlaç Kimyası: İlaç Etkin Maddesi Tasarımı, Sentezi, Üretimi ve Standardizasyonu Kongresi, Turkey, 17 - 20 March 2016

The protective role of chlorophylline-Cu complex on N-methyl-N-nitrosourea induced breast cancer model in Spraque Dawley Rats: glutathione and DNA damage levels

40th Congress of the Federation-of-European-Biochemical-Societies (FEBS) - The Biochemical Basis of Life, Berlin, Germany, 4 - 09 July 2015, vol.282, pp.265 Sustainable Development identifier

Computer Aided Molecular Modeling of the Binding Site and GSH Conjugation Features of the New Human GST P1-1 Inhibitors

The 3rd International Conference on Computation for Science and Technology, Balvi, Latvia, 23 - 25 August 2014, pp.6

Molecular Modelling Studies on the Design of Chemotherapeutically Active Heterocyclic Compounds

Molecular Modelling Studies on the Design of Chemotherapeutically Active Heterocyclic Compounds, İstanbul, Turkey, 21 - 23 March 2013, pp.26

Docking Studies of GST Inhibitory Active 2-Substituted Benzazoles

6th International Symposium on Computational Methods in Toxicology and Pharmacology Integrating Internet Resources, Maribor, Slovenia, 3 - 07 September 2011, pp.15




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