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Ozgur Erkent is an assistant professor at Department of Artifical Intelligence at Hacettepe University. His research interests include autonomous vehicles, robotics, object pose estimation, attentive vision, place recognition, semantic segmentation, object recognition, scene classification, machine learning, human-robot interaction, localization, SLAM, mechanical and electronical design of robots. He is also an extrnal collaborator at Team Chroma at INRIA. He was working as the Starting Research Position at Team Chroma working with Christian Laugier and Christian Wolf. He was a Post-doc at Intelligent and Interactive Systems at University of Innsbruck under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Justus Piater from 2013 until 2017 August. He received his PhD in 2013 from Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Boğaziçi University, MSc in 2004 from Cognitive Science Department and BS from Mechanical Engineering in 2001, both from Middle East Technical University.

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