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Walking and Expanded Disability Status Scale: are self-estimated walking distances accurate?

13th Annual Meeting of the Amer-Comm-for-Treatment-and-Res-in-Multiple-Sclerosis/24th Congress of the European-Comm-for-Treatment-and-Res-in-Multiple-Sclerosis/5th Congress of the Latin-Amer-Comm-for-Treatment-and-Res-in-Multiple-Sclerosis, Montreal, Canada, 17 - 20 September 2008, vol.14 identifier

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Section 5: Physical Activity and Exercise in Neurological Disorders and Anesthesia

in: PHYSICAL ACTIVITY GUIDE FOR ADULTS WITH CHRONIC DISEASES, SAİN GÜVEN Gülay, Gül ÖZ Şerife, Nevin ERGUN, Editor, Ministry of Health Publication:1122, Ankara, pp.73-95, 2019

Nörolojik hastalıklar ve anastezide fiziksel aktivite ve egzersiz

in: ERİŞKİN İÇİN KRONİK HASTALIKLARDA FİZİKSEL AKTİVİTE REHBERİ, Gülay Sain Güven, Şerife Gül Öz, Nevun Ergun, Editor, Sağlık Bakanlığı, 2018