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Investigation of Antimicrobial Activity of Different Trametes versicolor Extracts on Some Clinical Isolates

Hacettepe Journal of Biology and Chemistry, vol.43, pp.267, 2016 (Refereed Journals of Other Institutions)

Refereed Congress / Symposium Publications in Proceedings

Antifungal effect of royal jelly on Candida albicans

European Biotechnology Congress, Athens, Greece, 26 - 28 April 2018, vol.280 identifier

Investigation of the effect on Rose Bengal dye to “Candida albicans” by XTT colorimetric assay.

European Biotechnology Congress (Eurobiotech), 25-27 May 2017, Dubrovnik, Croatia, 25 - 27 May 2017 identifier

Is Greater Wax Moth Galleria mellonella Effective to Transfer Nosema Species Between Hives

44th APIMONDIA International Apicultural Congress, Daejeon, South Korea, 15 - 20 September 2015

Kıbrıs Topraklarının Entomopatojen Funguslar Açısından Taranması

2. Ulusal Mikoloji Günleri (2. Sempozyum), İstanbul, Turkey, 9 - 11 September 2015

Determination of the mutagenic and genotoxic potential of rose bengal on genetically modified bacteria

25th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ECCMID, Copenhagen, 25 - 28 April 2015