Design Thinking in Mathematics Education: The Minecraft Case

Köroğlu M. N., Yıldız B.

Technology, Innovation and Special Education Research Journal, vol.1, no.2, pp.150-179, 2021 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


This study aims to investigate the experiences of pre-service teachers with the Design Thinking (DT) approach in mathematics education. The case study method, as s qualitative research approach, was employed in the study and the Minecraft game was integrated into the DT process and presented to the pre-service teachers with a problem. First, a pilot study was conducted with a small group. Then, the context was updated and implemented. The implementation lasted for 2 weeks and conducted with 40 volunteering pre-service mathematics teachers. The design thinking evaluation form was employed to determine the pre-service teacher experiences about the DT processes, a mathematical process skills form and mathematical concepts form was used to determine mathematical associations, the activity evaluation rubric was used to analyze the activities developed by the participants, and then focus group interviews were conducted to determine their views on the process. The study data were analyzed with content analysis method. The study findings demonstrated that the pre-service teachers should employ the DT approach in mathematics education, mathematical process skills such as communication, reasoning, and proof, and mathematical concepts such as area, ratio-proportion, and pattern were included in the DT approach with Minecraft.