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Drawing Children of the Holocaust Survivors: Art Spiegelman's Maus and Miriam Katin's We Are On Our Own and Letting It Go

Journal of Social and Human Sciences, pp.53-62, 2014 (Refereed Journals of Other Institutions)

Metal Storm: A Conspiracy Theory or a Fictional Answer to American Policies

American Studies Journal, no.1, pp.78-84, 2010 (Refereed Journals of Other Institutions)

Defying Expectations: Paul Auster's New York Trilogy and Orhan Pamuk's The Black Book and My Name is Red

Journal of Arts and Sciences, no.6, pp.51-61, 2006 (Other Refereed National Journals)

American Representations of the Holocaust

Journal of Social Sciences, no.37, pp.235-248, 2006 (Other Refereed National Journals)

Norma Jeanne (De)Constructs Marilyn Monroe: Joyce Carol Oates' Blonde

Journal of American Studies of Turkey, no.18, pp.15-24, 2003 (Refereed Journals of Other Institutions)

New Age Answers in American Best Sellers

The Journal of American Culture and Literature: Rites and Rituals Issue, no.2001, pp.68-79, 2001 (Other Refereed National Journals)

A Discussion of the Ideology of the American Dream in the Culture's Female Discourses: the Untidy House by Adrianne Kalfopoulou

Journal of American Studies of Turkey, no.11, pp.107-108, 2000 (Refereed Journals of Other Institutions)

Not So New Responses to the New Millennium: Recent New Age Trends in American Popular Culture

The Journal of American Culture and Literature: The Millennium Special Issue, no.1999, pp.26-38, 1999 (Other Refereed National Journals)

The East Is Where Things Begin: The New Age Discourse in Asian American Writing

The Journal of American Culture and Literature: 15th Anniversary Special Issue, no.1997, pp.61-73, 1997 (Other Refereed National Journals)

The Revival of Transcendentalist Thought in Science Fiction: Ursula K. LeGuin's The Dispossessed: An Ambiguous Utopia

The Journal of American Culture and Literature: Romanticism the Persistent Impulse, no.1996, pp.112-124, 1996 (Other Refereed National Journals)

The Golden Gate: The Quest in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

The Journal of American Culture and Literature: Uprising, Protests, and the Arts, no.1994, pp.86-96, 1994 (Other Refereed National Journals)

Different Paths Different Doors: In Favor of Criticism

The Journal of American Culture and Literature: Poetry and Politics, no.1993, pp.118-121, 1993 (Other Refereed National Journals)

Joyce Pynchon and Epiphanies

İngiliz Dili ve Edebiyatı Anabilim Dalı Dergisi, no.1993, pp.185-197, 1993 (Other Refereed National Journals)

The Hidden Self: The Theme of Invisibility in the Novels of Joyce Carol Oates

Department of American Culture and Literature 10th Anniversary, no.1992, pp.369-390, 1992 (Other Refereed National Journals)

Refereed Congress / Symposium Publications in Proceedings

Do Feminists Need Self-Help Books?: bell hooks on Culture and Love

Hacettepe University, Department of American Cuture and Literature 35th Aniversary Conference and 38th International American Studies Conference: Manifestations of Love and Hate, Ankara, Turkey, 1 - 03 November 2017

Borders of the Mind, the Body, and the Frame: Isis Rodriguez and the Masked Woman Series

IASA 8th World Congress, Marginalia: Borders of the Border, Laredo, United States Of America, 19 - 21 July 2017

Drawing Traumatic Spaces: Days Of Destruction Days Of Revolt by Joe Sacco and Chris Hedges

Ege University 16th Cultural Studies Symposium: Narratives of Trauma, Ankara, Turkey, 10 - 12 May 2017

The Private and Public Politics of Diego Rivera's Murals

Başkent Üniversitesi Thursday Talks, Turkey, 01 December 2016

There Is a Crack in Everything,That Is How the Light Gets in: Leonard Cohen's Transformative Poetic Vision

Word and Mystery: Elements of Christian Mystery in Contemporary Poetry, Santiago, Chile, 6 - 07 October 2016

Contested Spaces in Diego Rivera’s Detroit Murals

One Day Conference, Hacettepe Üniversitesi, Ankara, Turkey, 06 April 2016

Mexican Pespective of American Industrialism: Diego Rivera's Detroit Murals

37th International American Studies Conference: Transnational American Studies Conference, Antalya, Turkey, 25 - 27 November 2015

Facing Demons: Lynda Barry's Graphic Life Narrative

Encounters Across the Americas: Archives, Technologies, Methods,1st Biennial Conference Americas Chapter of IABA, Ann Arbor, United States Of America, 4 - 07 June 2015

Kadın Hareketleri ve Feminist Söylem

Kadın Algısı ve Edebiyatta Kadın Sempozyumu ve Tazminat’tan Cumhuriyet’e Kadın Edebiyatçılar Sergisi., Ankara, Turkey, 27 February - 05 March 2015

Creating a drawing community: Lynda Barry's one hundred demons

International Conference on Language, Literature & Community, Bhubaneswar, India, 21 - 22 February 2015, pp.10 identifier

Gerekirse İç Çamaşırımı Yakarım: Amerikan Kadın Gösterilerinde Yaratıcı Eylemler

Edebiyat Fakültesi Sempozyumu: Tarihi Değiştiren, Toplumu Dönüştüren Kadınlar, Ankara, Turkey, 24 - 25 November 2014

Opposite Sides of the Aegean in the Writings of Nikos Kazancakis and Cevat Sakir Kabaağaçlı

16th International Conference on the Literature of Region and Nation: Oceans Uniting Regions, Nations, and Literatures, Plymouth, England, 26 June - 01 July 2014

Drawing Children Of The Holocaust Survivors: Art Spiegelman's Maus and Miriam Katin's We Are On Our Own and Letting It Go

International Conference on English Language, British and American Studies, Üsküp, Macedonia, 30 - 31 May 2014

Cartoon Dreams: Alison Bechdel's Are You My Mother

American Studies Association of Turkey, 36th International Conference: American Fantasies and Dreams, Erzurum, Turkey, 14 - 16 May 2014

Graphic Life Narratives from American Women Artists

Kadın Hayatlarını Yazmak: Oto/Biyografi, Yaşam Anlatıları, Mitler ve Tarih Yazımı, İstanbul, Turkey, 19 - 20 April 2014

Musical Response to the Atomic Bomb

Kommission für Volksdichtung, 43rd International Ballad Conference, Stellenbosh, South Africa, 13 - 19 October 2013

(Ab)Using History in Contemporary American Novels

3rd International Bakea Symposium, Symposium of Western Cultural and Literary Studies: History, Gaziantep, Turkey, 9 - 11 October 2013

Incarceration, Race, and Class in Angela Davis' Writings

14th International Cultural Studies Symposium: Confinement, Resistance, Freedom, İzmir, Turkey, 8 - 10 May 2013

Alison Bechdel'in Çizgi Yaşam Anlatıları

Konferans: Amerikan Kültür ve Edebiyatında Çağdaş Açılımlar, İstanbul, Turkey, 14 April 2013

Narrating Graphic Lives

4th International Conference of the English Department: Embracing Edges 7-9 Aralık 2012., Belgrade, Serbia, 7 - 09 December 2012

Booklists in African American Life Writing and Karla Holloway's Bookmarks

Amerikan Kültürü ve Edebiyatı Bölümü, 30. Yıl Konferansı: From Cover to Cover: Reading Readers, Ankara, Turkey, 7 - 09 November 2012

Symbolism in American Folk Music during 1960s

42nd International Ballad Conference, Muğla, Turkey, 7 - 13 October 2012

Çizgi Özyaşam Öyküleri: Alison Bechdel'in Cenaze Evi/Şenlik Evi

Sempozyum: Hacettepe Üniversitesi, Edebiyat Fakültesi, Amerikan Kültürü ve Edebiyatı Bölümü, Ankara, Turkey, 18 April 2012

Graphic Maps of Breast Cancer: Miriam Engelberg's Cancer Made Me a Shallower Person and Marisa Arocella Marchetto's CancerVixen

European Association of American Studies Biennial Conference: The Health of the Nation, İzmir, Turkey, 30 March - 02 April 2012

Exterior and Interior Queer Spaces: Alison Bechdel's Fun Home

First International Conference on Comics and Graphic Novels: Sites of Visual and Textual Innovation, Alcala-De-Henares, Spain, 9 - 12 November 2011

Alternative Narratives: Contemporary American Women Autobiographies

English Language and Literature Studies: Image, Identity, Reality, Belgrade, Serbia, 4 - 06 December 2009, pp.169-179

Singing for Clean Waters: Pete Seeger's Hudson River Project

The Future of Ecocriticism: New Horizons. Kemer, Antalya 4-6 Kasım 2009, Antalya, Turkey, 4 - 06 November 2009

Autobiographical Self as an Alternative Historian: Maxine Hong Kingston's The Fifth Book of Peace

12th International Cultural Studies Symposium, İzmir, Turkey, 29 April - 01 May 2009

Metal Storm and America is Ours

SSASAA Symposium, American Culture in the U.S. and Abroad, Salzburg, Austria, 1 - 04 September 2005

Don DeLillo's Libra as Historiographic Metafiction

Inscriptions ’05: An Arts and Culture Conference and Festival, Lefkoşa, Cyprus (Kktc), 12 - 13 May 2005

Postmodern Edebiyat

Mersin Üniversitesi Konferans Serisi, Mersin, Turkey, 01 April 2004

The Impact and Influence of the Internet on American Literary Studies

24th American Studies Seminar: Media, Culture and Nation in the Age of Information, Nevşehir, Turkey, 20 - 22 April 2003

Defying Expectations: Paul Auster's New York Trilogy and Orhan Pamuk's The Black Book and My Name is Red

Popular Culture Association and American Culture Association Conference, New Orleans, United States Of America, 16 - 19 April 2003

Teaching Asian American Literature in a Non American Environment to Non American Students

Salzburg Seminar Session 408/ACS31: Contemporary American Literature: Cultural Diversity and Aesthetic Continuities, Salzburg, Austria, 2 - 09 April 2003

The Search for the Homebound Roads in Paul Auster's In the Country of Last Things and Timbuktu

7th International Cultural Studies Symposium: Selves at Home, Selves in Exile: Stories of Emplacement and Displacement, İzmir, Turkey, 8 - 10 May 2002, pp.253-258

Blonde: Joyce Carol Oates' Representation of Marilyn Monroe

27. American Stıdies Seminar: Myths and Legends in America: America in Myths and Legends, İzmir, Turkey, 6 - 09 November 2002

Representations of Holocaust in Contemporary American Fiction, Film, and Museums

Popular Culture Association and American Culture Association Conference, Toronto, Canada, 15 - 17 March 2002

Singing for the Marginalized: Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger

26th American Studies Seminar: Speaking From the Margins: Multiple Identities in Contemporary America, Antalya, Turkey, 14 - 16 November 2001

The Concept of Invisibility in the Novels of Joyce Carol Oates

Türk Amerikan Derneği Konuşmaları, Turkey, 24 May 1993

Books & Book Chapters

Opposite Sides of the Aegean: Location and Character in the Works of N. Kazantzakis and C. S. Kabaagacli

in: Uniting Regions and Nations Through the Looking Glass of Literature, Karoline Szatek-Tudor, Editor, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle upon Tyne, pp.43-56, 2017

(Un)Natural Disasters and (Re)Conciliations: Maxine Hong Kingston’s The Fifth Book of Peace

in: Shengtaixue Yu Shengming Xiezuo:Ecology and Life Writing, Alfred Hornung and Zhao Baisheng, eds. Transl. Lin Jiang, Editor, China Social Sciences Press, Zhongguo Shehui Kexue Chubanshe, Pekin, pp.384-393, 2016

“Gerekirse İç Çamaşırımı Yakarım”: Amerikan Kadın Gösterilerinde Yaratıcı Eylemler

in: Tarihi Değiştiren Toplumu Dönüştüren Kadınlar, Alev Karaduman, Gonca Gökalp Alpaslan, Pelin Şahin Tekinalp, Meltem Ekti, Editor, Hacettepe Üniversitesi, Edebiyat Fakültesi, Ankara, pp.139-152, 2016

(Un)Natural Disasters and (Re)Conciliations: Maxine Hong Kingston’s The Fifth Book of Peace

in: Ecology and Life Writing, Hornung Alfred, Baisheng Zhao, Editor, Universitatsverlag, Heilderberg, pp.375-384, 2013

Kurgulanan Geçmiş: Tarihsel Roman ve Tarihyazımcı Üstkurmaca

in: Türkiye'de Tarihyazımı, Engin Vahdettin, Şimşek Ahmet, Editor, Yeditepe, pp.485-499, 2010