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Institutional Information: Iktisadi Ve Idari Bilimler Fakültesi, Maliye Bölümü, Maliye Teorisi A.B.D.
Research Areas: Social Sciences and Humanities, Public Finance, Theory of Public Finance, Financial Economics




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He was born in Ankara in 1969. He completed his undergraduate education in Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences in 1991, his master's degree in Gazi University in 1995 and his doctorate education in Hacettepe University in 2000.

In Hacettepe University Department of Finance; He was appointed as an assistant professor in 2007, associate professor in 2009 and professor in 2011. He was a visiting researcher at the Cato Institute in Washington DC, USA in 2005.

Until 2012, when he discontinued from academic studies due to administrative duties;

- He has published 25 articles, 6 of which are in journals covered by the Citation Index, 4 book chapters, 1 of which is international book chapters, 3 national books, 3 papers, 2 of which are international, 2 project reports.

- Conducted 4 doctoral thesis advisory, 8 master thesis advisory.

Since 2012;

Within Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBİTAK); he served as the Senior Researcher at the Social and Human Sciences Research Group (SOBAG) under the Research Support Programs Directorate (ARDEB) between September 2009 and May 2011 and the Director of Domestic Scholarships between May 2011 and May 2012 within the Scientist Support Programs Directorate (BİDEB),

He served as the Deputy Head of Strategy Development Department within Hacettepe University, in the period of May 2012-December 2013,

He served as a member of the Higher Education Audit Board, as the Deputy Chairman of the Higher Education Supervisory Board since 2015, and as the Chairman of the Higher Education Audit Board from 2018 until the date he was appointed as Rector. During his duty within the body of Higher Education Supervisory Board; he prepared approximately 500 examination and investigation reports, managed the audit team that carried out approximately 70 audit studies within the scope of the general audit studies of state and foundation universities, and ensured the preparation of audit reports.

He supervised 7 expertise thesis in TUBİTAK, Ministry of Development, the Central Bank and the Council of Higher Education.