Job evaluation, use of goal programming technique at determine factor degree points Iş deǧerlendirme, faktör derece puanlarinin belirlenmesinde hedef programlama yönteminin kullanilmasi

Daǧdeviren M., AKAY D., KURT M.

Journal of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture of Gazi University, vol.19, no.1, pp.89-95, 2004 (Scopus) identifier


Job evaluation is a technique which is used to determine relative importance of all jobs in an organization. These importance values are used as a base to determine the wages. Jobs are evaluated with respect to ability, responsibility, effort and job conditions factors and graded with respect to each other. In evaluation phase, grading of factors ranks is a difficult decision making problem for decision makers. In practice arithmetical, geometrical and irregular augmentation methods are used for this purpose. In this study, general structure of job evaluation and goal programming methods are explained. It is shown that goal programming methods to determine grading of factors ranks can be used with an application and different jobs evaluated use of factor ranks determine with this application.