Storytelling and Visual Designs in Collective Movements: The Case of GameStop 2021

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Karakuş O. Ş.

OPUS Toplum Araştırmaları Dergisi, vol.20, no.53, pp.354-363, 2023 (Peer-Reviewed Journal) identifier


Interactive media involve the process of evaluating information flows by users, following which a chain reaction is initiated among various perspectives on the relevant topic. Dominant views arise as a consequence of the process of memetic selection. These feedbacks gain a visual form through posters, "memes," and illustrations designed by anonymous users. These designs are critically important in maintaining and storytelling of a social movement. In this article, the function of visual designs in storytelling processes is discussed in the context of collective movements. In this context, a recent financial conflict, known in the literature as “The Case of GameStop 2021" which is a recent social movement, has been taken as sample. Study is based on the “case study research method” a type of qualitative research method. The data used was obtained from a social media group actively involved in individual investing and data providers in the investment sector. With this data, the correlation between the two variables was investigated. My findings suggest that these visual designs were utilized as a means of impact in the relevant financial struggle and successful results were achieved. It has also been found that these visual designs can form the main outlines of a collective storytelling process.