2,4,4,6,6-Pentachloro-2-(2,6-di-tert-butyl-4-methylphenoxy)cyclo-2 lambda(5),4 lambda(5),6 lambda(5)-triphosphazatriene

Hokelek T., KILIC A., BEGEC S., KILIC Z.

ACTA CRYSTALLOGRAPHICA SECTION C-CRYSTAL STRUCTURE COMMUNICATIONS, vol.55, pp.783-785, 1999 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier


The title compound, C15H23Cl5N3OP3, consists of a non-planar trimeric phosphazene ring and a bulky 2,6-di-tert-butyl-4-methylphenoxy side group in which the phenyl ring shows a small but significant distortion from planarity. The bulky group predominantly determines the molecular shape. The endocyclic angle about the P atom bonded to the substituent is decreased, while the exocyclic angle is increased. The situation is not similar to that of tetrameric phosphazene derivatives.