Position Paper: EUFEPS Network on Veterinary Medicines Initiative: An interdisciplinary forum to support Veterinary Pharmacology and promote the development of new pharmaceuticals for Animal Health

Dencker L., Hellmann K., Mochel J., ŞENEL S., Tyden E., vendrig J., ...More



Veterinary medicines account for a substantial portion of the production, sale, and consumption of medicines in Europe, and probably world-wide. This calls our attention to the fact that only healthy farm animals can ensure safe and sufficient livestock products to meet the growing demand for animal protein. Human and veterinary medicine share many common features - expressed and symbolised by the "One Health Concept". This concept forms the logical basis for the maintenance of healthy livestock by the control of zoonoses and foodborne diseases, the prevention of poor sanitary conditions, and the reduction of microbial and parasitic threats, including resistance to antibiotics and anti-parasitic drugs. Achieving these aims will require international cooperation and interdisciplinary action. A new initiative of the European Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences (EUFEPS) - the Network on Veterinary Medicines - has the potential to manage and overcome these challenges.