Future Systems for Earthquake Early Warning

Ulusoy Ü. (Editor), Kundu H. K. (Editor)

NOVA Science Publishers Inc. , New York, 2008

  • Publication Type: Book / Other Book
  • Publication Date: 2008
  • Publisher: NOVA Science Publishers Inc.
  • City: New York
  • Hacettepe University Affiliated: Yes


PART I. Retrospective Statements of Earthquake Precursors by Eye-witnesses

Chapter 1 Retrospective Statements on Unusual Phenomena Before the İzmit (Turkey)  Earthquake (M7.4, August 17, 1999) and Their Relevance to Earthquake Forecast    (pp. 3-55).

Ulusoy, Ü. and Ikeya, M.


PART II. Biological Models

Chapter 2 Sensing of Seismic Precursors and Possible Electromagnetic Perception by Heart and Brain (pp. 57-67).

Yamanaka C., Emoto Y., Esaki,Y., Ohtani N., Akiyoshi, H. and Haida, M.

Chapter 3 The Auto-correlation Periodgram and the Phasegram: for Automated Detection of Unusual Animal Behavior (pp. 67-83).

              Asahara, H., Yokoi, S., Isojima, Y. and Yamanaka, C. 

             Chapter 4 Bio-antenna Model-Animal’s Response to the Seismo-electromagnetic Field-, Considering the Internal Conductive Wire (Nervous System) as an Antenna (pp. 83-95).

Fukuda, K., Asahara, H. and Yamanaka, C.


PART III. Seismic Precursor Investigation

Chapter 5 The Precursor Phenomena of the 1999 Mw 7.6 Chi-Chi Taiwan Earthquake: The Seismicity Aspect (pp. 97-111).

Chen, C. C.

             Chapter 6 Prediction of Strong Earthquakes in Taiwan (pp. 111-127).

Li, J. Z., Xia, Y., Chen, W. and Liu, C.


PART IV. Land and Space Precursors

Chapter 7 Earthquake Precursory Electric Field Signatures (pp. 129-157).

Üstündağ, B. 

Chapter 8 Gas-Geochemical Precursors in Spring Emanations Related to Earthquakes (pp. 129-157).

Das, N. K.

Chapter 9 Applications of the Space Technology and SAR-Based Differential Interferometry for Earthquake Prediction (pp. 157-171).

Alimohammadi, A. and Safaee, B.

Chapter 10 Earthquake Precursors – from Legends to Science and a Possible Early Warning System (pp. 201-209).

Yamanaka, C., Asahara, H., Emoto, Y. and Esaki, Y.