Electrical conductivity and spectroscopic characterization of Blends of poly(2-chloroaniline)/polyaniline P(2ClANI)/PANI copolymer with PVC exposed to gamma-rays

SEVİL U. A., Coskun E., Guven O.

RADIATION PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY, vol.94, pp.45-48, 2014 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier


Poly(2-chloroaniline)/polyaniline P(2CIANI)/PANI) random copolymer was synthesized in the form of nanoparticles by chemical routes. Incorporation of P(2ClANI) into PANI backbone significantly increased the solubility of copolymer in THE Thin PVC/P(2CIANI)/PANI blend films were prepared by solvent casting and subsequently exposed to gamma-rays. Conductivity measurements on the irradiated blend films of PVC/P(2CIANI)/PANI showed that conductivity was increased from 10(-8) S/cm to 10(-5) S/cm when irradiated to radiation dose of up to 200 kGy. The increase in conductivity was also revealed by FTIR and UV-vis spectra. (C) 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.