Scaling of the Characteristics Affecting the Success of Primary School Students by Binary Comparisons in Full Sort

Kara Y., GELBAL S.



In this study; it is aimed to scale the importance level of factors which are thought to have influence on the academic achievements of the elementary school students according to the views of the candidate teachers by the pairwise comparisons method in case of totally rank order, and to compare the obtained scale values according to their departments and grade levels. In accordance with this purpose; the developed scale was applied to 590 candidate teachers who were studying in the 1st and 4th grades of Elementary Science, Elementary Mathematics, Social Studies and Turkish teacher education departments at Gazi, Hacettepe, Kilis 7 Aralik, Mersin and Orta Dogu Teknik universities in 2011-2012 academic year. As a result of the scaling procedure, it was seen that the most important factor that is thought to affect achievement is studying regularly; the least important factor is the physical conditions of school. It was found that the rank order of the factors which are obtained according to the grade levels of the candidate teachers is quite similar but not the same. As a result of the scaling procedure that was applied according to departments, the rank orders of Elementary Science and Mathematics departments are the same; on the other hand, only some levels of the rank orders which belong to Social Studies and Turkish departments are the same. Additionally, it was seen that the rank orders which belong to quantitative departments are quite different from that belong to verbal departments and family's socioeconomic level was ordered as 3rd by verbal department candidates while it was ordered as 6th by quantitative department candidates.