A Situation and Needs Analysis on Classroom Interactional Competence in German Language Teaching

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Ünal D. Ç., Bozbıyık M., Acar Y.



In the recent years, the conceptualization of Classroom Interactional Competence (CIC) and its interactional features have been closely examined in various contexts through a variety of research methodologies (e.g. Asik & Kuru Gonen, 2016; Seedhouse & Walsh, 2010). This study investigates the needs for pre-service and inservice German language teachers to improve their CIC. The current study also explores the frequency of using interactional resources through opinions of the pre-service and in-service German teachers. In the descriptive study, the data were gathered through the survey of "Situation and Needs Analysis on Classroom Interactional Competence". A total number of 63 German language teachers participated in the study, 22 pre-service and 41 inservice teachers from the state schools in 2016-2017 academic year. In line with the participant responses to the survey items, independent sample T-test was conducted and the relation between the needs and frequency of use of CIC was scrutinized. In this study, the general opinions of the participants in control group about CIC and its interactional properties were used to examine through a qualitative data analysis program, and the data were thematized via the inductive content analysis. The findings of this study have revealed that there is a match between the needs and frequency of using CIC features that are stated by the participants. This demonstrates that the participants think that they utilize CIC and its features during their teaching practices in a direct proportion in addition to the degree they ascribe necessity of these features. The participants of the study have also emphasized the significant role of CIC in foreign language education and they have declared the necessity of CIC training within both pre-service and in-service teacher education. The analytic findings of this study are supposed to make an important contribution to classroom interaction and teacher education by reflecting the perspectives of German language teachers regarding these issues.