Creative Industries, Communication Studies and Higher Education Ecosystem: Rethinking Communication Studies Within the Case of Creative Industries

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Kaymas S.



This study has aimed to open a discussion on the mutual interactions between creative industries and the higher education ecosystem. It should be noted that while creative industries are seen as the new welfare and employment source of countries within the dynamics of cognitive capitalism conditions, it poses an important question to the higher education ecosystem, exactly how intellectual capital is needed in the transformation of knowledge societies can be developed. Nevertheless, these industries' have not gained prominence in the higher education ecosystem, but for their economic functions, at least, in the case of Turkey's higher education. However, the fact that not having found a place with a holistic and consistent higher education ecosystem as the creative industries, at least in Turkey, apart from the economic functions. In this way, the study evaluates the reciprocal dialectics between creative cultural industries and the higher education ecosystem in accordance with the global experiences and noteworthy cases for the different countries. This study conducted questioning of the dialectic between the creative industries and higher education by performing a comparative education policy analysis for the first time in the literature developed a set of alternative governance proposals on the higher education ecosystem of Turkey. In this context, the present study has offered a number of alternative governance models for Turkey's creative industries education. Towards the dominant debates in the literature, this study led to a new discussion on a new set of values in the direction of the socially innovative university, instead of the entrepreneurial university model of the neo-liberal policy in the higher education ecosystem accompanied by the creative industries.