Interview Result Codes in DHS Surveys in Turkey: An Assesment between 1993 and 2013

Saraç M., Adalı T.

Nüfusbilim Dergisi-The Turkish Journal of Population Studies, vol.41, pp.52-67, 2019 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Turkey Demographic and Health Surveys (TDHSs) are nationally representative face-to-face household surveys which are conducted in Turkey with five year intervals since 1993. In this study, DHS response rates have been evaluated in the bases of five demographic regions and type of settlement in Turkey between 1993 and 2013. All other interview result codes have also been examined in detail. The findings put forward that response rates in TDHS surveys are generally high (above 80% between 1993 and 2013), and suggested a decreasing trend over time. Urbanized areas and regions stood out with lower response rates, and refusals were seen to increase constantly. This is the first study in Turkey in terms of examination of result codes in temporal and special detail in TDHS, and lastly presenting recommendations for future household surveys.