The Impacts of Indoor Plants on Participants’ Perceptual Evaluations

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Yıldırım K., Hidayetoğlu M. L., Özkan A.

Journal of Art and Architecture Studies, vol.9, no.2, pp.30-38, 2020 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


ABSTRACT: In this research, it was aimed to define the impacts of plants on the perceptual evaluation of participants in a restaurant environment. As an experimental setting, two different digital images of the modelled restaurant were used. Semantic differentiation scale was used to evaluate the environmental factors for this research environment, and the results obtained from 335 participants were evaluated with the SPSS program. The results showed that the atmospheric attributes of the restaurant with using plants had a more positive impact on the perceptual evaluations of the participants than the restaurant without plants. In addition, male and young (26-35) participants perceive more positively than female and middle-aged (36-55) participants. The use of indoor plants in key retail stores such as restaurants can increase preferability and positively impact customers' perceptual evaluations, feelings, and thoughts within first impressions. 

KEYWORDS: Indoor plants, Restaurant, Customer, Perceptual evaluations, Design.