Comparative heavy metal adsorption by Ca-alginate and immobilized microorganism systems in packed bed columns Dolgulu kolon reaktorde Ca-aljinat ve tutuklanmis mikroorganizma sistemleriyle karsilastirmali agir metal adsorbsiyonu

Sag Y., Nourbakhsh M., Aksu Z., Kutsal T.

Turkish Journal of Engineering & Environmental Sciences, vol.19, no.2, pp.145-157, 1995 (Scopus) identifier


The adsorption of copper(II), lead(II), chromium(VI) ions existing in waste water by Ca-alginate and green alga activated sludge bacterium and yeast cells immobilized on Ca-alginate, was investigated as a function of flow rate and inlet metal ion concentration in packed bed column reactors operated in continuous mode. The obtained results showed that Ca-alginate itself is a good adsorbent and can serve as an excellent matrix. Adsorbed heavy metal amounts by both Ca-alginate and immobilized biomass systems decreased with increasing flow rates and the optimum flow rate was determined as 3.6 ml/min. Adsorbed metal amounts increased with increasing inlet metal ion concentrations upto 100-150 mg/l. (from English summary)