Development of Hysteresis in Ball-Milled LaCo5-xFex and La2Co7-xFex

Tozman P., Venkatesan M., Coey J. M. D.

IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MAGNETICS, vol.50, no.11, 2014 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier


The magnetic and structural properties of bulk, ball-milled La(Co5-xFex), and ball-milled La-2(Co7-xFex) were studied. The highest coercivity (1.08 T) was obtained at room temperature for ball-milled LaCo4.8Fe0.2 after annealing in a preheated furnace at 800 degrees C for 3 min and subsequently quenching. Iron doping up to x = 1 increased the saturation magnetization by up to 20% without any deterioration of coercivity. For La-2(Co7-xFex), the highest coercivity (1.2 T) at room temperature and (1.92 T) at 4 K was obtained for ball-milled La2Co7 after annealing in the preheated furnace at 850 degrees C for 3 min and subsequently quenching. Unlike Fe-doped LaCo5, iron doping in La2Co7 did not enhance the saturation magnetization.