Generalized Exponential-Type Estimators for Population Mean Taking Two Auxiliary Variables for Unknown Means in Stratified Sampling with Sub-sampling the Non-Respondents

Sanaullah A., Noor ul Amin M., Hanif M., KOYUNCU N.

International Journal of Applied and Computational Mathematics, vol.4, no.2, 2018 (Scopus) identifier


In this paper, we have considered stratified two-phase sampling design with sub-sampling the non-respondents in the presence of non-response for estimating population mean considering the information of two auxiliary variables. The proposed estimators are the exponential function of two auxiliary variables when means of the two auxiliary variables are not known in prior. Further the proposed estimators are provided with their generalized form. The bias and mean square error expressions of the proposed estimators have been derived in two different cases of non-response. The conditions for which proposed estimators are more efficient as compared to some other estimators, have also been discussed in each case of non-response. It is shown that the proposed estimators are more efficient as compared to Hansen and Hurwitz (J Am Stat Assoc 41:517–529, 1946) unbiased estimator and Tabasum and Khan (Assam Stat Rev 20(1):73–83, 2006) two-phase ratio and product estimators modified to the stratified sampling. An empirical study has also been carried out to demonstrate the performances of the estimators.