Effect of Blood Viscosity on Pressure and Shear Stress on the Walls of an Artery with Stenosis

Ali D., ÖNEL S.

Medical Technologies National Congress (TIPTEKNO), Magusa, CYPRUS, 8 - 10 November 2018 identifier identifier


Blood flow dynamics in arteries with stenosis is a critical issue. In this study, the effect of blood viscosity on the pressure and wall shear stress that form on the walls of an artery with a 70% reduced cross-sectional area was investigated using computational fluid dynamics. It was observed that the increase in blood viscosity caused an increase in the pressure and shear stress on the walls of normal arteries and those with stenosis. It has been shown that these parameters increase linearly with increasing blood viscosity in a normal artery and behave nonlinearly along the different regions of an artery with stenosis.