One-dimensional cyanide- and fumarate-bridged heteronuclear complex, poly[mu-fumaratotetraaminedizinc(II)di-mu-cyanodicyanonickel(II) dihydrate]

Sayin E., Kurkcuoglu G. S., Yesilel O. Z., HÖKELEK T.

ZEITSCHRIFT FUR KRISTALLOGRAPHIE-CRYSTALLINE MATERIALS, vol.230, no.3, pp.193-198, 2015 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier


Cyanide- and fumarate- bridged bimetallic complex, poly[ ae- fumaratotetraaminedizinc( II) di- ae- cyanodicyanonickel( II) dihydrate], {[ Zn 2 ( ae- fum) ( NH 3) 4 Ni( ae- CN) 2 ( CN) 2] u 2H 2 O} n ( 1) ( H 2 fum = Fumaric acid) was synthesized and structurally characterized by vibrational ( FT- IR and Raman) spectroscopy, single crystal X- ray diffraction and elemental and thermal analyses techniques. The structure of the complex consists of a one- dimensional polymeric chain, in which the Zn( II) and Ni( II) ions are linked by CN groups. The Ni( II) ion is four coordinated with four cyanide- carbon atoms in a square planar arrangement and the Zn( II) ions are four coordinated with one cyanide nitrogen atom, two amine nitrogen atoms and one fumarate oxygen atom, in a distorted tetrahedral arrangement. In the complex, the adjacent chains are connected by strong O- H u u u O, O- H u u u N, N- H u u u O and N- H u u u N hydrogen bonding interactions to form a three dimensional network.