Bis{2-[(2-hydroxybenzyl)iminomethyl]phenolato(2-)-O:O,N, O'}dicopper(II)

Ulku D., Ercan F., Atakol O., Ercan I., Gencer A.

ACTA CRYSTALLOGRAPHICA SECTION C-CRYSTAL STRUCTURE COMMUNICATIONS, vol.53, pp.179-181, 1997 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier


The title compound, [Cu-2(C14H11NO2)(2)], consists Of doubly oxygen-bridged centrosymmetric copper dimers. Each Cu atom has a distorted square-planar environment involving three O atoms and an N atom of the ligands. The Cu-O distances in the coordination plane vary from 1.881 (8) to 1.930 (10) Angstrom and the Cu-N distance is 1.920 (10) Angstrom. In the bridging plane, the Cu-O-Cu' and O-Cu-O' angles are 103.5 (4) and 76.5 (3)degrees,respectively. The Cu ... Cu' distance is 3.073 (2) Angstrom.