The association between homocysteine (hcy) and serum natural antioxidants in elderly bone mineral densitometry (BMD)

KUYUMCU M. E., YEŞİL Y., ÖZTÜRK Z. A., Cinar E., Kizilarslanoglu C., HALİL M. G., ...More

ARCHIVES OF GERONTOLOGY AND GERIATRICS, vol.55, no.3, pp.739-743, 2012 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier identifier


Previous studies showed oxidative stress had an important impact on osteoclastic and osteoblastic functions. Oxidative stress or low levels of antioxidants are supposed to reduce BMD and cause osteoporosis. hcy, gamma glutamyltransferase (GGT), uric acid, albumin and total bilirubin are simple laboratory parameters that are related with oxidative stress. In this study we compare the serum hcy and antioxidant levels in patients with osteoporosis, osteopenia and control subjects. A total of 2190 elderly persons (1348 patients with osteoporosis, 643 patients with osteopenia and 199 control subjects) who were referred to the outpatient clinic of the Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Geriatric Medicine at Hacettepe University Hospital for comprehensive geriatric assessment were included in this cross-sectional study. Mean age of subjects were 72.30 +/- 6.34 in osteoporosis group, 71.92 +/- 6.90 in osteopenia and 71.86 +/- 5.88 in control group (p: 0.260). Multivariate regression analysis revealed that hypertension (HT) (OR: 0.675, 95% CI: 0.534-0.854, p: 0.001), diabetes mellitus (DM) (OR: 1.669, 95% CI: 1.301-2.142, p: < 0.001), age (OR: 1.025, 95% CI: 1.006-1.044, p: 0.009), male gender (OR: 0.451, 95% CI: 0.358-0.569, p < 0.001), uric acid (OR: 0.893, 95% CI: 0.837-0.952, p: 0.001), hcy (OR: 1.042, 95% CI: 1.023-1.061, p < 0.001), albumin (OR: 0.521, 95% CI: 0.376-0.724, p < 0.001), GGT (OR: 1.010, 95% CI: 1.003-1.017, p: 0.003), creatinine (OR: 0.630, 95% CI: 0.459-0.864, p: 0.004) were independent variables predicting the occurrence of osteoporosis. This study shows there is an imbalance between natural antioxidative and oxidative markers in patients with osteoporosis. Higher serum uric acid and albumin levels are associated with a lower prevalence of osteoporosis whereas higher hcy and GGT levels are associated lower BMD and higher osteoporosis prevalence. (C) 2012 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.