3,3 '-Dimethyl-4,4 '-(hexane-1,6-diyl)bis[1H-1,2,4-triazol-5(4H)-one]

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Ustabas R., Coruh U., Unluer D., HÖKELEK T., Ermis E.

ACTA CRYSTALLOGRAPHICA SECTION E-STRUCTURE REPORTS ONLINE, vol.66, 2010 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier identifier


The title compound, C(12)H(20)N(6)O(2), has a centre of symmetry. The molecule consists of two triazole rings joined by an aliphatic -(CH(2))(6)- chain. The crystal structure is stabilized by intermolecular N-H center dot center dot center dot O hydrogen bonds and by pi-pi stacking interactions between the triazole rings of inversion-elated molecules [centroid-centroid distance = 3.277 (8) angstrom].