Opinions of teacher candidates upon the use of effective communication skills when teaching sciences


ERPA International Congresses on Education (ERPA), Sakarya, Turkey, 19 - 22 June 2019, vol.66 identifier


While teaching sciences which takes up a huge place in today's technological world, effective communication among teachers and students is especially required in order to increase the enthusiasm of students about sciences. The study is aimed to support teacher candidates in acquiring effective interaction abilities, which are some of the 21st century foreground skills, and foster them to make use of these abilities in the process of teaching sciences. The research has been conducted in accordance with qualitative research techniques which include observation and semi- structured interviewing techniques. 17 teacher candidates have taken part in the research as volunteers. The result of the observations made show that these teacher candidates have used oral communication in the activities mostly. The subject of hand and facial movements (mimics) and drama technique in teaching have drawn attention of teacher candidates heavily. According to the results of interviews made, it can be deducted that it is an important improvement for them to learn effective listening is also a medium for communication. At the end of the research, the teacher candidates have been observed to have found a chance to get to know themselves in the use of communication skills; therefore, it has been detected these people have been using some of the communication channels without realizing it, whether they are positive or negative, in their relations with friends, family members, school life and so on. The realization of teacher candidates upon the importance of communication skills in education and turning their ideas into skills through their knowledge in the issue reveal the fact that this study has fulfilled its aims.