Virtual or real STSM host

Topics: Assisting with the Health Care Workers Cohort , company based occupational health related cohort tool , World of work changes related industry/company based cohort baseline studies
Potentially involves: a) Literature search and review, b) Involve cohort baseline grant application; c) Involves data analysis and coding and reporting d) Tool creating processes. Benefits: The volunteer will be invited as co-author on the planned publication and will work under the omega-net workgroups umbrella
Suggested begin date: Anytime
Suggested duration: 3-4 weeks full time or 1 day/week for 3 months virtually engaged
Desired minimum competence level of the candidate: 

 Epidemiology, Statistics, software sciences background, PhD candidate, Post Doc researcher possible (in Occupational Health, Public Health)
City (Country): Online or Ankara (Turkey) when it is possible
STSM Host institution and department: Hacettepe University(https://www.hacettepe.edu.tr/english/),

Institute of Public Health, the Department of Occupational Health and Safety (http://www.halksagligiens.hacettepe.edu.tr/en)
Contact Person: sibelkiran@gmail.com