Modelling the Dynamic of the Long-Term Isotopic and Hydrochemical Changes in Central Anatolia (Turkey)Kontrat No: 10804/R0

Kurttaş T. (Executive), Tezcan L., Bayarı C. S. , Meriç B. T. , Doğdu M. Ş. , Tezcan A. Ö. A. , et al.

Other Supported Projects, 1999 - 2002

  • Project Type: Other Supported Projects
  • Begin Date: September 1999
  • End Date: September 2002

Project Abstract

3The purpose of this study is the investigation of the dynamic changes due to long-term exploitation in the Akarçay basin located in the Central Anatolia, where the groundwater system is exploited more than 40 years by extensive pumping. The study area covers an area of 7300 sqkm. The groundwater usage in the system is mostly for irrigation, and a small amount is for water supply. There are two closed lakes in the area. The study focuses on the use of isotope techniques together with the modeling techniques in order to explain the flow and transport dynamics in the basin. The surface water - groundwater relations and long-term exploitation of groundwater and its effect on water quality and quantity were evaluated. In this manner quantity and quality problems depending on high rate of exploitation by irrigation and pollution of water both anthropogenic and natural sources were evaluated. The Akarçay basin is subject to various man made and environmental impacts. It includes various water resources (groundwater, thermal water, river and lake systems) which are under the impact of over-exploitation. To describe present situation and future impacts, hydrologic parameters describing the system were analyzed both in spatial and time scale. 

Due to overexploitation of groundwater resources leads to drastic changes in the groundwater levels over the area. Climatic data in the study area show that temperature will be raised and precipitation will be decreased in the following decades. This situation indicates that for the following years groundwater will be the only sources for irrigation and domestic needs.  Due to over exploitation of groundwater resources leads to drastic changes in the groundwater levels over the area. Thus, determining of groundwater potential of the Akarçay Basin and sustainable management of this water resources, which is effected by low recharge and over exploitation will be vital.

In this study water circulation in the catchment area considered as a whole system and mathematical model was constructed defining all the parameters and variables defined both spatial and time scale.