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“The limit as $prightarrowinfty$ for the p-Laplacian Equation with Dynamical Boundary Conditions”

27th International Conference on Difference Equations and Applications, Paris, France, 18 - 22 July 2022, pp.167-168

Well Posedness and asymptotic behavior for p-Laplacian Equation with Nonlinear Boundary Condition

International Conference on Analysis and Its Applications-2021 (ICAA_Nepal_2021), Baglung, Nepal, 9 - 11 April 2021, pp.38-39

Well-posedness and Global Attractors for Viscous Fractional CahnHilliard Equations with Memory

• Turkey-Italy Colloquium on Applied Analysis and Differential Equations, Ankara, Turkey, 10 - 11 July 2019, pp.3-4

Existence and behavior results for a nonlocal nonlinear parabolic equation with variable exponent

7th International Conference on Applied Analysis and Mathematical Modelling, İstanbul, Turkey, 20 - 24 June 2018, pp.143

Otonom ve otonom olmayan durumda Reaksiyondifüzyon denkleminin Robin sınır koşulu altında uzun zaman dinamiği

The 11th AIMS Conference on Dynamical Systems, Differential Equations and Applications, Orlando, United States Of America, 1 - 05 July 2016

Solvability and long time behavior of nonlinear Reaction Diffusion equations with Robin Boundary Condition

The 10th AIMS Conference on Dynamical Systems, Differential Equations and Applications, Madrid, Spain, 7 - 14 July 2014

Third type Boundary value problem for a Yamabe type equation

The 5th International Conference "Mathematical Analysis, Differential Equations and Their Applications", 15 - 20 September 2010

On Some Yamabe Type Equations

International Conference on Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics, Rethymno, Greece, 18 - 22 September 2009, vol.1168, pp.377-380 identifier identifier